Sunday Projects|Tassel Earrings

Hey loveeees!

I’m finally back with another D-I-Y!💃

Today,  we will be making tassel earrings! It’s one thing I’ve personally lusted after for so long but haven’t been able to get. Does anyone else ever wonder why tassel earrings are so expensive? I’m all about affordable fashion and will not be spending N10,000 on a pair of earrings anytime soon. I made myself three variations & will be sharing the steps in a three part post dedicated to tassels earrings, just because they are so worth it!

Today, we’d be making the most straightforward pair-and they will only cost you 250 naira. Yep, you’re welcome! Teehee.

Let’s get to work now, shall we?

What you will need:

•Silk or Embroidery Thread in any colour of choice (N200)

•One pair of earring hook (N50) OR a pair of clip on studs (I used studs because, lazy)

•A pair of scissors

•A small square shaped piece of cardboard


Step 1- Here we make the tassels. Open up the thread and begin to wrap it around the square cardbord. Keep wrapping until you achieve the fullness you desire.

Step 2- When you are satisfied with the fullness, pick up your scissors and cut the thread away from the cardboard like in the photo below. (I wasn’t satisfied with this fullness by the way and ended up having to make another tassel. So don’t be too lazy. Make that tassel as full as you want!)

Step 3: Make sure you don’t scatter the threads after cutting them away from the cardboard. Pick them gently and lay them flat.

Step 4: Cut a single piece of thread and tie it around the center of the tassel threads, carefully. Do this about three times to secure the knot.(you also should not do this while wearing fake nails, guys. I suffered so you don’t have to. Learn from my mistake 😂)

Step 5: Now, take another long piece of thread and wrap it multiple times around the tassel, like so.

Step 6: Keep wrapping the thread around the top area of the tassel and then tie a few knots to secure it. Voila!

Step 7: At this point, you’d want to attach your earring hook to the top of the tassel for the finishing step. But in my laziness, I had a bright idea! I took a pair of clip on studs (which I picked up for 200 naira in the market last year) and simple affixed it to the tassel like so.

Step 8: I affixed the second one and that’s it! I loveeeeee how they turned out 😍

Here’s how it looks when worn

Do feel free to play around with this. You can make yours longer or shorter, fuller or scantier. The choice is yours! Let me know in the comments if you liked this D-I-Y.

Thanks for stopping by!

DF. x


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  1. styleficient says:

    Thanks for the lesson ma 😍

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    1. dfstylehub says:



  2. Uyime says:

    Lol! List of things you’ll need. I wasn’t expecting to see Patience 😂


    1. dfstylehub says:

      It is necessary 🤣


  3. This is actually pretty easy. I should try it.


    1. dfstylehub says:

      Yes, you should! x


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